Reflecting on 2023!

Let me start by saying, a HUGE thank you to all the amazing women and saucy couples who have ventured into my brand-new studio this year and trusted ME!

Getting to know every single one of you has been out of this world!

I’m so grateful for all your support and for continuing to recommend my small (but ultra spicey) Boudoir Business in the heart of Jim Thorpe, thank you.

Without further ado, let’s take a look back and the best bits!

This year I ran the biggest Give Away and it was a huge success. It was amazing to read through all the reasons why you’d love a boudoir session.

We had one lucky winner and a bunch of runner-up prizes!

I then took the plunge and decided to branch off from Christman Photography and have my own Luxury Boudoir Business.

I created a brand new website and planned and launched a fantastic launch party. In case you missed the launch party, you’ll find it here!

I also lovingly spent hours revamping my studio to make it a safe and dazzling space for all the women and couples who ventured inside.

Take a look…

One session that really touched me deeply this year was Jen’s Boudoir Session. She had entered the Give Away and her story stopped me in my tracks.

She had recently had a mastectomy and wanted to feel sexy again and love the skin she was in. Even though Jen didn’t win the giveaway, she booked using the $250 runner-up prize.

This session was sensational and Jen is such an inspiration.

Here are a couple of favorites from Jen’s session –

I also opened my studio for Couples to book a Boudoir Session. I can honestly say I freaking LOVED photographing all the couples who stepped foot in my studio and allowed me to capture their passion!

Then I wrote a blog here about why you might want to consider booking a couples session and how good and soul-nourishing it is!

My Hubby and I even went one step further and booked ourselves a boudoir session (and YES, it was everything and more!!)

Here are a couple of favorites from this year…

I have some exciting plans in store for 2024 and I can’t wait to share more with you – To stay in the loop about all the things at Boudior by Laurette I highly recommend joining my Facebook Group and giving me a follow on Instagram and Tiktok!

Here’s an amazing reaction video a client sent me this year!

I want YOU to feel this way!

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon – why not plan something sexy AF to get the New Year off to a sizzling start?

Get in touch with me here – here are MORE hot images I captured this year (including a Bride To Be session!)

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